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Remembering Sacred Sound
with Della Clark

Della introduced her CD, Remembering Sacred Sound on the summer solstice of 2004. It was created to support the overtone chanting practice of her workshop students, as well as offer an alternative to the drum and rattle for shamanic journeying.

The CD is presented in workshop format. Track One is remembering the sounds, a teaching narrative. Track Two is chanting with Della, an opportunity to practice what was experienced in Track One in a comfortable manner. Track Three is a group overtone sound journey. It can be experienced as a bridge or path into a shamanic journey for guidance. It can also be a chanting practice tool, or enjoyed for pleasure. Some may find it disturbing as the sounds move through blocks in the energy system.

This form of chant has been helpful to many who suffer from certain forms of migraines. It is currently being used by many midwives to create a loving energy and assist in the birthing process. (See “Spirituality and Health”, August 2003, “Sound and Silence How Vibrations Heal and Enlighten,” page 34 by Janet Aschkenasy.) It is a wonderful practice to eliminate the chattering mind prior to meditation. The opening of the mind, body, spirit connections through this form of chant, can provide many benefits.
Della has worked with children, developmentally challenged adults, seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia, midwives, and those who practice meditation. She also utilizes it in her healing work.

This is not singing, and voice experience is not necessary.

Della retired as a Marriage Family Therapist, and is a spiritwalker in Mount Shasta, California. She assists her guides and Teachers by teaching shamanic journeying skills, doing soul retrievals, and death and dying work. She teaches overtone chanting workshops. She works outside of time with her students and clients to assist in their manifestation of their own healing. She offers support to those who have had spiritual or psychic awakenings, and spiritual visitations, as well as energetic openings, which have put them in crisis. Della takes individuals and small groups on slow, sacred healing walks of special places on Mount Shasta in northern California.

Della was guided to study overtone chanting with Jill Purce in San Francisco in 1994. The experience of chanting the overtones deepened her connections with spirit and her Teachers. She is dedicated to sharing this gift with others.